About us


Front Row: Pete Mack, Paul Tyrer,(SEIHC Manager), Bev Schwier, Lisa Baudendistel.
Back Row: Dr. Steve Glaser, Brad Mehlon, Geralyn Litzinger, Jim Saner.

Background of SEIHC
The biggest benefit of the Southeast Indiana Health Center is providing care to those who cannot afford it. The medical care that may be pieced together with visits to emergency rooms and urgent care visits will allow for one location to receive primary care for those who are struggling to pay for any care. The Health Center should help alleviate the stress on the hospital’s emergency care and minor care and private medical offices by treating some of the non-emergency, non-paying patients.

According to Healthy People 2020, disparities in access to health services affect individuals and society. Limited access to health care impacts people’s ability to reach their full potential, negatively affecting their quality of life. Barriers to services include lack of availability, high cost and lack of insurance coverage. These barriers to accessing health services lead to unmet health needs, delays in receiving appropriate care, inability to get preventive services and hospitalizations that could have been prevented. Through the Health Center, we hope to eliminate some of these barriers and the problems that they care create for those trying to receive needed healthcare.

Many communities have benefited from the Volunteers in Medicine America (VIM) clinics which have been found to enhance the community, not detract from it. We think the medically-underserved in our area are also deserving of the benefits that a VIM clinic can bring to Franklin and Ripley County.


To provide medical care in a comfortable setting to those who live in Franklin or Ripley County who may not otherwise receive medical care because of financial concerns caused by the lack of medical insurance of any kind and meet financial criteria.

The Southeast Indiana Health Center (SEIHC) will treat and care for our patients with dignity and respect regardless of race, and religion. SEIHC services will strive to provide all patients with quality medical care through a professional and caring team.


Our clinic

Southeast Indiana Health center offers all services without any expectation of compensation. Every clinic is staffed by volunteers, including Doctors, Nursing staff, Clerical staff.